Beehive Bakery

Seattle! Listen up.

Did you know that you have an adorable, entirely kosher bakery hidden away in the Central District? Once upon a time, there was a cheese steak joint, and some bad stuff went down, and then it was an empty store front for several years. Finally, this summer, a little something awesome happened there. Something awesome and full of cinnamon rolls. Kosher cinnamon rolls!


They also have little savory phyllo tartlets, and brownies! And something that looked like a cheese-covered round bread. I don’t know what it was, but I want it. Additionally, did I mention adorableness? It may just be that all the beehives remind me of my mom, and I’m fine with that. (Hi Mom!)

If you find yourself out in this neck of the woods and hankering for something sweet, please do us all a favor and go say to Jane and whichever cute hipster is behind the register!

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