Back in the saddle

Heeeeey, everybody!

How was your holiday weekend? Here at Team Grumpy Pie we had a really great one, just one nice thing after another all weekend long. We barbecued with the neighbors and #1 Fan Bridget, investigated the taco truck down the street (hurray, taco truck!), bought a motorcycle, saw a drag show, threw down with some heavy-duty spring cleaning, drank champagne in the sunshine, worked on art, and did nothing on a schedule. Perfect.

Of course, now I’m having a little bit of a hard time getting back into the pace of a regular week, but I suspect I am not alone in that. I want another day of cleaning the house and wandering around on my own schedule. *pout* But I did have a dream last night that riding my bike home from the day job was unreasonably hard, so that’s probably a sign that I need to get back into my routine. Perhaps going 3 days without riding was not a great idea.

Anyway, it is also time to get back in to the pie routine. Number One Fan already has her pies lined up for the week, what about you? Want to get in on the Classic Apple I’m making to mark the beginning of Juneuary? You know what to do:

Maybe you would rather have a different kind of pie? As always, I am happy to oblige, with 24 hours notice. Let’s do it!

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