Christmas Songs for Grumpy People

Now that Thanksgiving is over, even the totally reasonable retail establishment where I work has taken a turn for the Christmas-y. The radio has been switched to a “holiday” station, and so it begins: the time of Christmas music. I … Continued


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Winter is coming to Columbus, Ohio, one chilly evening at a time. Last year was terrible (I am told; it was exactly what I expected) and this year is supposed to be similar. For a pair of desert-bred, west-coast softies, … Continued

Special Sauce

Let’s talk about food! Remember, back in the day, when this was a blog about pie? Simpler times, those. As much as our lives have changed since back in 2011, some things have remained more or less constant. In particular, … Continued

Are We Adults Yet?


After a recent post, when I shared that things felt like they were going smoothly and like we are finding a home, Joan commented that she is happy to see me blogging about food, because to her mind, it looks … Continued

Appreciating The Best Things


One of my favorite things about being on the road is enjoying the particular specialties of our favorite people. The other morning, I woke up in a house that has a whole section of the kitchen dedicated to coffee makers. … Continued

Lost and found along the road

Today marks two weeks that we have been on the road on our grand adventure. They have been, without comparison, two of the most intense weeks of my entire life. Everything started out relatively normally: we left Yakima several hours … Continued

Layover: Boise

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Captain’s log, Earth date 4 June 2013. We’ve landed in a strange and lovely place: Boise, Idaho; The Gem State! My sister has lived in Boise for almost ten years. I’ve been here a handful of times; this is Carlos’s … Continued

And we’re off!

WHY AM I SOOOO TIRED!?!? Oh, yeah, I’ve been up since 4, and we’re still not quite rolling. The bikes are stowed, our belongings are all battened down, the dog is confused, the baby is confused, and everything is still … Continued

The Final Countdown


Cue up GOB’s entrance music: Magic from jrk on Vimeo. The Chinook is almost ready to launch! All our bags sturdy storage boxes are mostly packed. We have an agenda! At least, we have a specific agenda through the end … Continued

All work and no play


It feels weird to start another post of the subject of hobbies, but dudes, they’re important. We’re at the point of really refining what gets to come with us in the Chinook, and it’s not going to be a whole … Continued