Awesome things on Monday

Hellooo! Let’s talk about some awesome things that aren’t necessarily pie, shall we?

Item one: The best radio station ever is in the midst of their summer membership drive. The summer drive is the one you should donate during, because it’s also the Hood to Hood Challenge, which determines which neighborhood gets an awesome party next Spring. We power KEXP, and so should you!

Item two: You remember my lovely friend Geraldine don’t you? She of the maniacal love of cake was just named one of Time Magazine’s Best Blogs 2011. Congratulations, lady!

Item three: Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream. This is what I’m going to be doing in approximately 15 minutes, after I go buy some heavy cream. While this is primarily a pie-focused household lately, we actually have a second love, especially now that it’s actually almost summer. Sadly, ice cream shares a trait with pie that makes it bad for blogging: neither on is particularly interesting to photograph. We’ll work on that, though.

Item four is actually about pie! After talking to last week’s lottery winner Audrey, and receiving similar input from Geraldine, I’m going to run the lottery a little later this week. Still Friday, but closer to noon. Also, i don’t know what kind of pie I am going to make for it. Surprise! However, you know it will be awesome. And it think it’ll be Grumpy Little Pies this week, because it’s been a while.

Final item: Remember last week when I told you to go to my friend Eric’s show at Tasty in Phinneywood. Seriously, do that. It’s a group show, every artist participating is awesome, it’s this Friday. Go support art.

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