August – full of adventure!

Hello and happy Monday! It’s a new month already – crazy how time flies.

If you follow me on the twitters, you probably heard yesterday about my adventure at Seattle Rep’s Pie Social. You may be surprised to learn that, before yesterday, I had never entered a baked good in a competition. Despite my love of winning at things, I had never officially attempted to win at baking. Until yesterday. I was a little nervous, because I was the first baker there, and they delayed the start of the bake-off to give people time to show up. There’s no fun in winning by default, you know? But they did show up! A cherry pie baked by an old lady with braids pinned to the top of her head, and an apple pie made by a blond woman. And I won! I brought Apology Pie (peach blueberry with ginger), because there is no situation that is not improved by that pie.

Dudes! I won! I mean, I know we all know that I’m awesome at pie (and so humble!), but it was really exciting to win, still. Woot!

So that was an adventure, though technically it took place in July. And now more adventures for August! I’m about to go pack a whole mess of wine and yarn and the Game of Thrones books, for our grand road trip to the Mountain West. Among the pressing tasks I must accomplish before we embark: Finish the blanket I’ve been working on for my sister since 2008; clean the refrigerator; make sure the iPods have good stuff on them for the ridiculous number of driving hours ahead of us. Not so bad.

You may be wondering, how will the pie lottery fare while you’re away? It’s also going on vacation! It’ll be back on the 19th.

And please don’t think that because we’re gone it’ll be a good time to come burgle us again – the dog is staying behind, with the housemates. She’s going to be so sad, right up until she forgets that we ever existed. She’s full of love, but not so much with the intelligence. Bless her heart.

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