Apology Pie – for a reason


Remember me?

On the one hand, I have been a terrible pie blogger this week, in that I have entirely failed to blog, and had to be reminded this morning to update the Pie Lottery page with this week’s info.

On the other hand, it’s because I’ve been out in the world, selling the crap out of some pies. So there’s that. Plus, I did kind of warn you that this was going to happen. But I am sorry, because I do love you! And I am making pie for you!

For the fine people of SMX Advanced, I made Grumpy Little Peach Strawberry Ginger Pies. I would show you a picture, but I literally had no spare second in the time I was creating them to go find the camera. Sorry. Oh, wait! Akvile took one! They were a hit, which was seriously flattering, I have to tell you. Nothing boosts a baker’s confidence like (near) strangers drooling over one’s product. Awesome.

But as I said, I haven’t forgotten about you, lottery lovers! As promised, I’m making you the best pie there is, the pie that led to this whole thing. And when I say “this whole thing,” I mean not only the fact that I am sitting here in my living room getting ready to make you some pie, but the fact that that living room is in Seattle, and that there is a Mr. Pie to share it with. I am making you the pie that makes magic happen, the pie that our metal-head former housemate once declared “better than sex” (not true, but flattering). Can I sell you on this pie any harder?

Tomorrow. Approximately noon. Someone’s getting Apology Pie. (That’s Peach Blueberry Ginger, in case you forgot) Get ready.

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