I had a totally awesome realization earlier morning! This is Wednesday, and not Thursday, as I had previously thought. My week just got an extra day in it!

And because a gift should never go unacknowledged, I’m using this bonus day (!) to make some delightful Peach Blackberry Little Pies. Because who doesn’t love those? They are kind of the best. Now I just have to motivate myself to get up off this couch and into the kitchen. This is particularly frustrating because I don’t even like this couch, but it seems to have eaten my butt. Curses!

I may be dawdling a little bit because after these pies, we’re taking a little vacation. Two whole weekends without a pie lottery! And only making pie for personal consumption. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I just made some pie and ate it, but I will be doing exactly that, probably. We’ll see how well equipped the vacation kitchen turns out to be. If all else fails, though, there’s always the option of making a galette, which feels a little scandalous.

However, in things that are totally not scandalous, we’re going on a family-visiting road trip! I haven’t been on a road trip in… um… ever, I guess. I may need a little advice, here, if you have it – what do I need for 24+ driving hours? I can’t wait! And the pie lottery will be back when we return!

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