50 Ways to Be a Lover

We are traveling all over the United States, and some of Canada, to meet you! We are going to interview people and live out of a motorhome to build up the material for a book about real relationships–not just stereotypes and tropes.

We want to know how you enact your relationships and build your families. We very much want to include EVERYONE: Homosexuals, Heterosexuals, Married, Divorced, Single People, Men, Women, Other, Religious, Spiritual, Atheist, Kinky, Vanilla, Brown, Black, White, Mixed, and anything else that comes along!

We used IndieGoGo to raise money for the project and running two online surveys: Family and Dating to get the basis for what we address in live interviews.

Our big hairy goal is to bring the same open comprehensive approach the Opening Up brought to non-monogamy to all relationship configurations–from single-not-dating to group-polyamorous-household.

We will be maintaining a blog throughout this project and a schedule of cities that we are visiting as we know. Please help us by filling out one of the surveys or letting people know about the project.

If you have any questions or input that you think we should consider please let us know.

Ways You Can Help

  • Suggest people you think we should talk to.
  • Help us find a place to park in your city.
  • Fill out our survey on Family or Dating.
  • Share a meal with us.
  • Let us interview you.
  • Help us make a logo.
  • Tell people about our project 🙂


Rose, Carlos, and Rockford

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