A little food voyeurism

Oh, hey, late-night blog visit!

I’ve been sleeping all day thanks to some ick I picked up somewhere (no fingers pointed here). Daytime sleeping always makes me all weird, and the bug I’ve been fighting comes with a headache that makes me feel a little discombobulated. Now we’re watching Dexter, and I’m looking at the internets! Yay!

Still, I wanted to stop by and say “Hi!” I’m sad to have this stupid headache, but I haven’t forgotten about you. To make it up, look at some other foods!

Here’s a pie that’s not really a pie. But I still want to eat it, even though Mr Pie thinks Parmesan smells like feet.

I’ve seen reference to this cinnamon-sugar pull-apart bread all over the place, but this is the best recipe I’ve encountered for it. I do love me a photo tutorial.

Hello, maple bourbon glazed wild duck. As I already told G, I want to eat that. I suggested that I would make a plum and bourbon pie to accompany it. Because you can never have too much bourbon in a meal.

And in conclusion, here’s a tattoo of an elephant. I want it!

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